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Taxi Insurance Quote Assumptions

Your quote is based on the following assumptions. If the following are not true then unfortunately we cannot provide a quote online.

If for any reason you are not able to agree with the assumptions below don't give up on us - we are still very likely to be able to quote. We just need you to call us instead on 01 8820801

The Proposer should:
* be the legal owner and main user of the vehicle.
* be currently resident in the Republic of Ireland and have permanently resided in the Republic of Ireland.
* disclose all material information for all drivers(i.e. information likely to influence the assessment and acceptance of your Proposal). Providing false information could result in claims not being paid and/or your policy being treated as null and void.

All Drivers should:
* be free of any convictions(Motoring Offences or Criminal Convictions), and have no prosecutions pending.
* be free of any penalty points in the last 3 years.
* not suffer from any medical condition which any affect their ability to drive, unless notified to and approved by the Licence authority.
* not have had a proposal declined, cancelled, refused or special terms imposed by an insurer.

The Vehicle MUST NOT :
* be used to carry corrosive, toxic, explosive or flammable goods.
* be used for Driving Instruction or Tuition.
* be modified unless to cater for a disability.

Driving Experience:
* any No Claims Bonus entitlement must be in your own name and the expiry date must be within 2 years from cover date.
* any Named Driving experience will be quoted on an indicative basis only and these quotes will be subject to Insurers acceptance and variable expiry date criteria.

I accept the above assumptions and agree to The First Ireland Data Protection Policy